Students' Info-tech on Learning in Yielding Advancements and Breakthroughs

Integrating ICT and New Technologies into Teaching and Education
Technology and education when combined can be a powerful tool in transforming teaching and learning experience. Nowadays, ICT has become a powerful tool in effective instruction. The K-12 program and UNESCO mandates the integration of ICT in education. However, there are teachers who face various challenges in ICT integration in instruction. 

Taking this course enables teachers and schools administrators to be equipped with the skills and competencies in ICT. Through discussions and hands-on approach, participants will be able to gain knowledge and skills on various pedagogical methodologies in integrating ICT in instruction.

Update your teaching strategies now.

Taking this course enables teachers and schools administrators to be equipped with 
the skills and competencies in ICT.

Who This Course is For

  • Public school teachers
  • Private school teachers
  • Student teachers
  • School administrators
  • Teachers who wish to improve their skills in integrating ICT in teaching

2 Sets of Courses

Proficient Teachers

Teacher I, II and III

  • Innovative Teaching Techniques with ICT
  • ICT Integration in Classroom Management
  • Inclusive ICT Education

Highly Proficient Teachers

Master Teacher I, II, III and IV

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint)
  • Creating ICT-assisted Instructional Materials
  • ICT-aided Research
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